Terms & Conditions

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Last Updated: January 9, 2024

Welcome to Bliink!

We're thrilled to have you here. These Terms, along with the linked policies, govern your use of our services on the Bliink platform (https://bliink.in/), including subdomains and related software/features (collectively referred to as "Platform" or "Bliink").

When we say "we," "our," or "us" in these Terms, we're referring to Bliink and our group companies. By using Bliink, you agree to these Terms & Conditions ("Terms") and the additional policies linked on the Platform. Please take a moment to carefully read these Terms. If you disagree, kindly refrain from using Bliink.

1. Changes to these Terms

Bliink is always evolving. We may update the Platform or these Terms for various reasons. It's your responsibility to check for changes. We'll notify you of material changes with a 1-month notice. Your continued use after changes constitutes acceptance. If you disagree, please stop using Bliink.

2. Your Account

To create a Bliink account, you must be at least 18. If creating an account for someone else, you need their permission. You're responsible for lawful account use. Ensure your account details are accurate, and inform us of any changes. Don't share login details. If you suspect account compromise, contact us immediately.

3. Your Username

Choose a suitable username that respects rights. Don't use offensive or infringing names. We may request a change, and non-compliance may lead to account suspension or termination. Reclaiming usernames inactive for 6 months may occur after notification.

4. Managing Your Plan

Sign up for a free or paid plan, cancel anytime. Paid plans renew automatically. Refunds are generally non-refundable, but exceptions may apply within 12 hours of cancellation (email support@bliink.in). Deleting your account is permanent.

5. Your Content

Adhere to Community Standards. Your content must be accurate, non-infringing, and safe. Refrain from harmful elements, unauthorized ads, and follow Community Standards. We may take steps to keep Bliink safe, including content removal.

6. What we can do with Your Content

We may use, display, and distribute your content on Bliink and in marketing. Your content remains yours but is publicly accessible. Don't share sensitive personal info. We may modify or remove content as per these Terms.

7. Suspension or Cancellation of Your Account

Non-compliance may lead to account suspension or cancellation. We aim to notify beforehand. No refund for fees paid in advance. Disputes must undergo a one-month resolution process before legal action.

8. Your Responsibility for Your Visitors and Customers

You're responsible for your profile visitors and End Users. Comply with applicable laws, especially regarding transactions through your Biolinks.

9. Feedback

We welcome feedback. Beta features may be unstable. Shared feedback may be used without payment.

10. Our Platform

We grant a limited right to use the Platform. Intellectual Property Rights are owned by Bliink. Use the Platform in compliance with these Terms. Prohibited actions include reverse engineering and modifying the Platform.

11. Fees and Payment

Subscription fees are billed in advance, non-refundable, and subject to change. Changes in fees come with prior notice. Settle invoices promptly.

12. Privacy

Refer to our Privacy Notice and Data Processing Addendum for handling personal data. Data generated from Platform use is owned by Bliink. We provide Data Analytics, aiming for accuracy.

13. Confidentiality

Keep confidential information about Bliink secure and use reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access.

14. Liability

We're not responsible for your Platform use. Maintain backups. Protect us from losses due to your breach. Neither party is liable for certain damages. Our liability is limited.

15. Disclaimers

The Platform is provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE." No warranties are made. Use the Platform at your own risk.

16. Third Party Services

We collaborate with third-party services. Use is subject to separate terms. We don't endorse or offer refunds for third-party products/services.

17. A Few Last Things

Certain laws may apply based on location. These Terms constitute the full agreement. We exclude implied terms except as required by law. Use of Music Link or Video Link features is subject to YouTube's Terms of Service.

Questions or comments? Reach out to support@bliiink.in.